Handbook Circular Deconstruction

Since the publication of the first edition of the book a lot has happened and we thought, given the developments, to offer the updated version in English.

Blockmaterials has developed the digital infrastructure to assign property rights to materials through blockchain technology in order to increase the upcoming reuse value.

We bring the future circular value of materials to the present.

While everyone who hears about Blockchain immediately thinks of payment for products with digital currencies, this is the wrong way of thinking for the flexibilization of real estate.

A central element for the flexibilization of real estate is that blockchain enables everyone to secure property rights to materials in buildings in a much more effective manner. So that a market for these materials actually arises, which thus gives substance to a Circular Economy for building materials. How this market functions, what values are created for owners by property rights to the materials, and how these values translate into revenue models for property owners, property managers and service providers is the common thread through this book, written by Dr. Simon Duindam commissioned by BlockMaterials.

Since BLockmateials is becoming increasingly international and in various European Consortiums are allowed to take part, we have decided to translate this valuable book into English. It can be downloaded for free by clicking below.